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Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm

Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm

In 2014 I sent an email

Basically saying

Your music is a really

Special thing.

“Under a Rock”,

which is the past,


skipped like a stone

the penultimate track

on the playlist

ivy, tripping down

the Appalachians.


As it’s said,

Poetry creates poetry,

Out in the storm.

A typhoon of a thing.


Never Been Wrong

Such an easy game to play,

The night we sit in the moonlight

We were saying,

Tossed words around, clinical,

Then kept track silently, this rage

Called mania, completely.

Underwater, we breathe bubbles

And shout COMPLETE ME.

We’ve never been wrong.

You’ve never kept track,

Yet I’m still losing.


8 Ball

Saturday morning,

We clean each other in

Bathtub sinks.

Whispering, we speak

About all the names

Between this fictive thing.

We say through water streams,

We say with words, mostly

Meaning nothing.

The ball slides backwards

And our velocity smashes

Every thing.



Wrap yourself

Cold and metal

As this skin


Out there

In the wreckage

Of us, slicked


It could be,

It could have been,

Silver instead of mercury


It will be,

It would have been,

Silver, me, devaluing


 REcite REmorse

Leaf House

The shaking of the thing

Where words fail

Or fall, dangling

We orbit around

Opinions, gravitate

Towards conquest,

I know for me

It should be easy,

Walking away,

I tell myself:

I love walking.


Sparks Fly

From your bedside

Staring directly into the phone

Or a tunnel

With people, voices muffled

Signal running, electrified

You were a bright, bright thing

This was a big, bright thing

In the last moments of sunlight

I become extraterrestrial

I know you don’t recognize me

Lit, some other being

Earth bound and shades

Bounce, burn down, finally

Sparks fly, sparks fly


Brass Beam

In the mirror

Flesh bubbly and pink

I contain myself

Pull the camisole

From the laundry


I’d never be a girl

You’d like or trust

Or you’d respect

In my bed

Left wanting


We make ornaments

Call them art and wish

We’re sick of our own

Selves narcissistic

And doing our best


Making making making

Our little reality

And watching it fall

Apart all over us

Defeated & beaming


 Hear You

That night

Rhyming together

That time

I tried to pick a fight

Playing back memories

Of the coolest girl

And easier times


You have your side

I wave from this gulf

I read your books

And write your name

Disseminate cheap

Tricks and count

Your tattoos, your

Piercings, your



I hear you

Not talking

I have my side

I’ll have mine


A Little More

Dreamy fingers move

Delicately, slowly run

Circles around cupped



The quiet that follows

Tracing saliva eights

A world spun spitting



This isn’t reality

Is what I keep

Thinking every



I live a little more

I lie to myself and

I die a little more



No Question

For three months after

During, time a sieve

And embarrassment

The stage for this

Scene, we slip back

Endlessly, or maybe

Maybe that’s just me,

I can’t get away and

I don’t say a thing

My friends tell me

What happened

On all those weekends

But let’s face it

We don’t know anything


Cast myself as a martyr

Commence suffocating


Writing from one dust to another

Speaking in turn sets us free



I wrap the paper ribbon

Don’t even put it in your hands

Listening to your voice

And knowing a figment

I lied to myself

Kissed your forehead

And the space next to your eye


Ice thaws and summer fades

I stayed out of your way

I love being right

Especially with you

But right always fades


I stay out of your way

A stream of light

Flickering, fade

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